How to pinch cucumbers in the open field

 Proper cucumber pruning

Each novice summer resident, grown cucumbers on his personal plot, wants to collect a rich harvest, but not everyone succeeds. To obtain a generous harvest, you must follow the basic rules for the care of cucumber culture, properly pinch and shape the vegetable bushes.

Cucumber Care Stages

Step by step care for cucumbers is not only watering and feeding, but also pruning, pinching and pinching.

Pruning need for intensive growth of fruits and increase the period of fruiting. Masking is necessary if well developed whips Do not bring long-awaited Zelentsov. Pinching - for the formation of lateral shoots.

Cucumber pruning rules

Pruning is done depending on the variety and on the method of pollination. Partenocarpic varieties from seedlings should be grown in one stem, since a third of the crop grows on it, the subsequent Zelentsy are formed on additional lianas.

Lightening pruning is also performed.

 In an adult cucumber bush, the growth point should be constantly lit.
In an adult cucumber bush, the growth point should be constantly lit.

In an adult plant, the growth point should always be lit. When the bush grows to the very top, it can not be redirected to a horizontal position. Since the lash growing in the horizontal plane does not transmit light, and the formation of the fruit is reduced.

Pruning cucumbers spend any disinfected pruner.

You can not remove, tear off the leaves and stepsons hands. For this purpose, use a sharp tool to avoid damage to the plant.

The reasons

Pruning commit for collecting a generous and high-quality crop. This procedure reduces the growth of green mass of the plant and directs all the useful substances to the formation and growth of fruits.

How to cut cucumbers

  1. To increase the flow of air to the plant, the lower leaves, flowers and stepchildren are cut. This will save cucumbers from root rot disease, and prevent the growth of the plant.
  2. At 100 cm height, in the area of ​​4 knots, 1 leaf and 1 fruit are left on the side stems, and the top is cut.
  3. The third - at a height of 150 cm. In three - four nodes, two leaves and two fruits are left.
  4. The fourth zone is the last stage when the plant reaches acceptable growth. Leave 3 fruits and three leaves.

Side shoots are cut in a staggered manner.

 Cucumber pruning scheme
Cucumber pruning scheme

When the plant grows to the very top, it is twisted several times around the horizontal trellis and a growth point is cut out after the third sheet.

All foliage found below the fruit must be pruned.


Pasoning cucumbers, gives the opportunity to grow crops, several times more than usual.

Why is it necessary

Pasykan plant in the event that the developing whip does not bear fruit.Paceniks are formed in the axils of the foliage and take away the nutrients from the plant, which leads to a reduction in the formation of ovaries.

Every 40 cm extra shoots, take away 1.5 kg of crop.

Greenhouse staining methods

It is very important to obtain a generous yield in a polycarbonate greenhouse, to remove the stepsons from cucumbers grown under a film cover as well.

 To get a good crop of cucumbers in the greenhouse, it is important to remove the stepsons.
To get a good crop of cucumbers in the greenhouse, it is important to remove the stepsons.

The limited space makes the process of beaning the most important:

  • The appearance of side stepsons shadows the plant and prevents air from penetrating to the roots
  • Cut necessary side shoots when their length will reach 3 cm long
  • First Pasynkovka commit after the formation of 3 sheets
  • All side vines are removed, except for one strong.
  • During growth form two of the most powerful side shoots
  • Pasynkovan procedure is carried out very carefully, step by step, as the cucumber spends a lot of time on the treatment of wounds


The butchers must be removed before they become rough and overgrown.

4 stages and planing of cucumbers:

  1. Masking begins to hold after growing up 3-4 sheets. It is necessary to remove all shoots that grow from the leaf axils.
  2. When appear 5-7 sheetscomes stage 2. All the excess is cut out, leaving a leaf and one ovary on each side.
  3. The third stage comes after the formation 8 sheets.
  4. When appearing 11 sheets, pinch the top, and it begins to grow in breadth.
 Slicing cucumbers
Slicing cucumbers

Spray varieties of cucumbers do not need pasynkovaniya, because they do not grow lateral whips. Varieties with a predominantly female type of flowering, also do not require staving. This procedure only hurts the plant.


Pickling cucumbers is the most important procedure for cucumber care, since not only the health of the plant depends on it, but also the quality and quantity of the crop.

Why pick cucumbers?

Proper nipping makes it possible to grow a rich harvest. This procedure redirects plant growth in breadth.


Pinching the main stem is held for the formation of additional shoots, since on the main stem the empty flowers bloom, and on the side shoots female flowers grow, which in turn form green leaves.

Pinching schemes in the greenhouse and in the open field

When grown under film

The rules for pinching in the greenhouse and in the open field depend on the variety or hybrid of the plant. Hothouse culture grown in one stem, making nip side shoots 2 cucumber.

 The rules for pinching in the greenhouse and in the open field depend on the variety or plant hybrid
The rules for pinching in the greenhouse and in the open field depend on the variety or plant hybrid

This procedure is carried out with very sprawling varieties, such as: Rodnichok, Moscow greenhouse F1, Topolek F1, etc.

Have varieties with little branchingThis procedure is done extremely carefully. These hybrids include: Gribovchank F1, April F1, Zazul F1.

If you do not nip, then due to the growth of a large amount of greenery, the plants will not receive sufficient light, which leads to the appearance of diseases and affects the quality and quantity of the crop.

Due to the large amount of excess greens, cucumber care becomes difficult and of poor quality.

  • The first pick of cucumbers start at height 50 cm.
  • The second is from half a meter to a meter. Pinch the side shoots located above the first leaf, keeping one ovary.
  • Third - to achieve 170 cm. Pinching is done on the second leaflet, leaving only 2 ovaries.
  • Fourth - when the plant reaches two meter growth.On the third leaflet leave 3 ovaries.
  • The last nip is done when the cucumber plant reaches its permissible height, leaving 3 leaves.

Pinching principle: one leaf, one ovary. Forming vines from the upper sheets, pinch at a meter height.

In the open ground

 In the early ripe varieties of cucumbers do not nip
In the early ripe varieties of cucumbers do not nip

Pinching the main stem is carried out at 4-5 leaflets in middle and late ripening varieties. This allows rapid growth of additional shoots with female flowers.

In early-ripe varieties, female flowers are formed on the main stem and therefore do not commit pinching.

Conducting pinching, blinding, pruning and pasynkovanie, you can get a rich harvest, even with a single bush. Delicious and fragrant greens will delight with their crunch during the summer and winter period.