Why the leaves of tomato seedlings turn white and what to do

 leaves turn white seedlings tomato

Experienced gardeners claim that tomatoes are a strong and sustainable crop. Care of them is quite simple, and the harvest almost always pleases the owner of the site. However, not every newcomer achieves good yields. That pests spoil the seedlings, then diseases appear, then the leaves of the plants turn white. In order to save vegetables in time, it is necessary to have elementary skills in caring for an annual plant.

The main reasons why tomato seedling grows white

There are several reasons why the leaves of seedlings can turn white and then dry. Very often, the problem happens due to sunburn on young plants. First of all, to confirm the reason it is necessary to conduct a green inspection. Sunburn affects partly or everywhere the leaves and they can become covered with white spots, begin to thin. White dots can appear not only from exposure to the sun when transplanting into open ground, but also while staying on the windowsill, dwelling in glasses, and even in a greenhouse.

What can you do to avoid sunburn? Is it possible to reanimate the landing?Compliance with simple rules will allow gardeners to prevent the occurrence of this trouble:

 Tomato seedling
Tomato seedlings close up
  • In no case can not from the shaded place immediately plant seedlings in the open sun. It is necessary to gradually accustom the green growth to the sun's rays, otherwise the tomatoes will dry even more. To do this, cups of seedlings should be taken out on a daily basis for 20-30 minutes. Gradually, the time spent on the air increases and as soon as the time comes the tomatoes can be transplanted into the open ground.
  • At least, chemical burns cause the appearance of white spots on the foliage of tomatoes. They appear due to an increase in the recommended dosage of chemical fertilizer during the preparation of the solution. Excessive density of the solution, hitting the plants, provokes the occurrence of white spot on the foliage. Gradually affected greens die off.
  • There are times when green leaves are covered with white spots due to the manifestation of various diseases.
Some chemicals can be used only in cloudy weather, so as not to provoke a decrease in the degree of natural protection of plants from exposure to sunlight. Very often, ignoring these rules leads to the death of seedlings.

Diseases of adult plants in greenhouses and open ground

Low yields are provided to gardeners, who believe that tomatoes do not require maintenance and fertilization. Only proper care of the vegetable crop will provide an opportunity to form weighty fruits that will delight the owner of tomatoes. When you are on the green shoots of white spots, it is necessary to identify the cause of their appearance. Not only pests can provoke spotting on foliage, but also unpleasant diseases, such as:

  • brown spot;
  • white rot;
  • powdery mildew;
  • septoriosis;
  • late blight.

Brown spot

When the brown spot appears, the leaves of the tomatoes turn white. In addition, the seedlings are subject to a number of comorbidities. Basically, this disease affects greenhouse annuals.

 White spot on tomato seedlings
With brown spots, white spots become dark.

The main features of brown spot include:

  • the appearance of a white cannon on the inner parts of the leaf plates of tomatoes;
  • gradual modification of the color scale of the raid, a smooth transition from white to dark brown;
  • the appearance of yellowness on the outer part of the foliage.

The development of the disease may stop in the initial stages. If you ignore the symptoms, the foliage of tomatoes gradually twist, and the plant will soon die. For the prevention of brown spot, it is necessary to ensure that the seedlings regularly air and lower the moisture content. Such methods will help prevent the consequences of a destructive scourge.

The appearance of white rot has a negative effect on the leaves and stems of the vegetable. The vegetative part of the seedlings is covered with white spots, the stems become soft and they form a plaque that has similarity with the mucous membrane.
 Brown spottedness
Brown spottedness

To prevent the destruction of the bushes is necessary to carry out urgent therapy. This requires to strictly adhere to the advice of experts:

  • First of all, we eliminate the infected part of the seedlings.
  • The cut is treated with a solution of copper sulfate.

As a preventive measure against white rot, you can use a universal remedy called Bordeaux fluid. Spraying seedlings will save tomatoes from an unpleasant disease.

Tomatoes' Mildew

Bright foliage of tomatoes can signal powdery mildew. The main signs of adversity are:

  • scurf of gray-white shade on the lower part of foliage;
  • yellowness from the upper side of the foliage.

The disease develops quite rapidly. The foliage dries quickly and the annual plant dies. It is very important to pay attention to the affected tomatoes in a timely manner and conduct proper treatment.Defeating powdery mildew is incredibly difficult.

It is best to take care of preventive measures in advance. The high level of air humidity and frequent drops in the degree of moisture are ideal conditions for the emergence of an unpleasant disease.

 Powdery mildew leaves
Powdery mildew leaves

During periods of high humidity, experts recommend treating the bushes with special means, namely:

  • Fundazole;
  • Topaz;
  • Premicure;
  • Vitaros.
Septoria infection destroys tomato seedlings at least other diseases. The fungal infection spreads quite quickly over the greenery of tomatoes and forms a lot of yellow-brown spots.

The elimination of the manifestations of this fungus is possible in two stages:

  • circumcision of the affected vegetation of the bush;
  • treatment of plantings fungicidal means Bordeaux fluid type, Baktofit.

The appearance of blight

Almost every experienced gardener faced blight, which destroys not only tomatoes, but also potatoes. The primary signs of phytophtora are:

  • the appearance of spots of brown-brown shades with white edging on the extreme parts of the sheet plate;
  • rapid increase in spots;
  • the appearance of a light patina, resembling a spider web on the lower part of the foliage;
  • yellowing of leaves, their further folding and drying.
The stems of the plants gradually turn into dust, they break down and the seedlings die. Only timely processing will prevent the destruction of the bushes.
 Launched late blight on tomatoes
Launched late blight on tomatoes

How to deal with white spots on the leaves of tomatoes

Treatment of white-coated leaves is not always effective. That is why it is better to take care of preventive measures in advance, which will save the bushes from pests and various infections. Experienced gardeners believe that it is important to plant seedlings correctly, which also affects the resistance of vegetables.

To prevent the appearance of white spots on the foliage, it is necessary to reasonably choose a site for planting seedlings. Plants should receive a sufficient amount of sunlight, which will not give the opportunity to provoke excessive effeminate growth.

In the case when the seedlings were in the shade for a long time, and then planted in open ground on the sunny side, most of the bushes were soon covered with white spots from sunburn and died. Even when a seedling is barely visible from the ground in a cup, it must be systematically carried out into the sunlight so that it becomes accustomed to such an environment.

 Do not abruptly tolerate tomatoes from the shade in the sun.
Do not abruptly tolerate tomatoes from the shade in the sun. Transition must be gradual

It is equally important to take care in advance about the protection of bushes from the onset of various diseases. For this you need:

  • pre-pick and prepare the ground for planting tomatoes;
  • to apply fertilizers recommended by specialists to the soil, which will increase the ability of plants to counteract diseases of various types.
During the spraying of seedlings using chemicals should follow the instructions with precision. This will avoid chemical burns and further death of plants.
 Care for tomato seedlings
Proper care of tomato seedlings will help to avoid problems in the future.

In cases where there are white spots from sunburn on the foliage of tomatoes, it is no longer possible to return the green color. However, using special tools you can help the bushes to recover, and acquire a new green mass.

After sunset, tomatoes can be processed using Espin.Such procedures should be carried out every 6-7 days for 3 weeks. These activities will allow plants to make a sufficient amount of nutrients.

If the seedlings still got sunburns, then its fruiting will be delayed for 7-14 days, unlike healthy bushes.