15 breeds of geese for breeding at home

 Breed geese

What is valued in geese? Meat, eggs, fluff, longevity?

What is guided when choosing your breed for breeding? There are many types of birds, some radically different from their counterparts. In this article we will consider the best types of geese for home breeding and personal farming.

The best breeds of geese for home breeding and personal farming

Kholmogorsky goose

Kholmogory breed - is exclusively for economic purposes. Not practical. It is displayed exclusively for decorative purposes because it is expensive to maintain because of the complexity of the breeding.

Sexual maturity comes at the age of 3 years, life expectancy reaches 17 years.

Maintaining hygiene should be a priority. Since non-compliance with the rules of hygiene can result in the death of the Kholmogorsky goose.

The disadvantages include: low productivity (10-15 eggs per year) and the survival of offspring (up to 50%), although this makes the bird more valuable.

 Kholmogory breed
Kholmogory breed does not differ in productivity and survival of offspring

Large Ukrainian gray

Ukrainian gray or as they are called a large gray. This is a young breed, large gray body and brightly colored beak and legs. This is one of the most preferred among farmers. They quickly fatten, unpretentious in the care and food, fruitful and strong health.

Inside the breed are divided into:

  • Ukrainian
  • Tambovskikh
  • Ural.

An adult species gains up to 7, and sometimes up to 9 kg of live weight, while females can carry up to 60 eggs per year, hatchability of eggs is about 70%, which is good. This is a great bird for fattening liver.

 Ukrainian gray
Ukrainian gray gaining up to 9 kg of weight


Toulouse birds have French roots. The weight of black Toulouse comes to 12 kg, goose up to 7 kg of live weight. The liver is also in demand, the weight of one copy reaches 500 grams.

Pslavitsya high growth, good weight gain, unpretentiousness to feed. Also, Toulousers have good indicators of a set of fat reserves and fluff.

Disadvantages: sensitivity to temperature change, the presence of drafts, high humidity and the almost absence of maternal instinct.

 Toulouse geese are sensitive to changing weather
Toulouse geese are sensitive to changing weather

Italian white

Italian white arrived in the USSR in the 70s from Czechoslovakia, where she came from sunny Italy. Despite the warm climate familiar to this bird, they perfectly adapted to our weather conditions. Blue-eyed with snow-white plumage, bright orange beak and paws.

The size and shape of the body, length of the neck, wings and tail - everything is harmoniously folded, the average size does not allow to refer this breed to neither large nor small, this is the golden mean in the snow-white performance.

By 2 months, he gains about 4 kg. It's time to sell for meat. Adults weigh about 6 kg.Perfect for smoking, since this bird does not tend to accumulate excess fat.

45-50 eggs per year, but up to 90 pieces can be harvested, as the breed quickly reaches puberty and starts early, and eggs can be harvested twice a year.

Of all the eggs can hatch about 90%, of which more than 70% will have excellent health. The same breed is used for the manufacture of liver pate, collecting fluff and feather.

Productive age up to 5 years.

Disadvantages: the maternal instinct is completely absent, without an incubator it is unlikely that we will be able to grow this breed.

 Italian geese are not inherent maternal instinct
Italian geese are not inherent maternal instinct

Legart Danish

The main purpose of breeding - fluff. For the year he can give up to 500 grams of fluff. Starting from the age of one and repeat the procedure every six weeks.

Legard is a tender and sensitive bird, loves warmth and stability in care, the diet is monotonous throughout the year, as well as the temperature regime.

Disadvantages: low egg wearing rates, poor survival rate of offspring, the need for incubation growth.

 Geese legart
Legart geese love warmth and stability in grooming.

Governor's Geese

The breed is quite fresh.They were bred by crossing Shadrinsk and Italian birds. The weight of an adult male is 4–5 kg, for a year the female bears about 45 eggs. Good hatchability and survival (over 95%).

The species has good characteristics both in terms of egg production and meat quality.

 Governor's Geese
Governor geese are distinguished by good survival rates.

Chinese geese

One of the breeds that are bred for eggs. One female carries up to 100 eggs per year, which is not much less than a chicken. The quality of the meat is highly valued, but it is not profitable to maintain for the sake of meat, since the weight of an adult male is only 4-5 kg.

Disadvantages: not particularly developed maternal instinct. And increased aggression during the laying of eggs. It should be more closely monitor the tribe.

The Chinese breed is one of the progenitors of many breeds.
 Chinese geese
Chinese geese are aggressive while laying eggs


Breed brought from Denmark. The weight of an adult female is up to 9 kg, and the male is more than 13 kg. High egg-laying for birds - about 50 eggs, good survival and viability of offspring - up to 82%.

But weak maternal instinct. Hard to bear the absence of a reservoir.

 Gus Mamut takes it hard
Gus Mamut takes it hard

Ural white

Breed with excellent immunitythe tolerance of various weather and climatic conditions, consistently transmitting to posterity selective qualities.

For the year, the female carries about 50 eggs, the percentage of hatching is more than 80%, the survival rate of the brood is very high up to 95%, the weight of the Ural whites is not great, the adults reach a weight within 5-6 kg

 Ural white
Ural white geese carry about 50 eggs per year.


Shabrin bird does not belong to pampered. Nevertheless, the floors should be kept dry and warm. Comfortable temperature for this type is around 18 degrees.

Not picky in food. Being engaged in this breed, the farmer relies on meat, since the down of the Shadrinsky goose is tough enough and is not in special demand.

Adult weighs about 6 kg, not much for the male, but the meat is of high quality and much appreciated, which makes this bird attractive to breeders. The liver also enjoys good demand. The weight of the liver reaches 400 grams.

 Shadrinsky goose
Shadrinsky goose is a meat breed

Tula bird

The weight of Tula geese is about 6 kg, the egg-carrying capacity is the smallest, so why are they valued? The fact is that this is the only fighting breed. It is not difficult to breed it, Tula birds can bathe even in severe frosts, the heat will not break them either.As true fighters, they bravely endure all the conditions, but they still have to watch the ration. A set of excess weight threatens to lose the shape of a fighter.

  Tula breed
Tula breed geese can swim in the water even in cold weather

Kuban gray

The Kuban bird was bred by crossing Gorky geese and Chinese. The weight of an adult goose varies around 5-6 kg. For the year, females carry up to 90 eggs, of which about 75-85% of the offspring are hatching. Survival rate of goslings is 85%.

Bad mothers do not like to hatch eggs and care for offspring.

 Kuban Gray Geese
Kuban gray geese do not care for offspring


Early meat breed Linda. individual weight reaches 7-8 kg. Sexual maturity at 8 months. 90% egg fertility with 80% hatchability. Egg production 45-70 eggs. Lind bred not only for the sake of meat, but also for the fluff.

Perfect for the novice farmer. Geese are not whimsical in food and care, quickly adapt to any weather conditions. Profitability reaches 100% with no complicated care.

To maintain good health, it is important to monitor the presence of large amounts of water in the drinkers.

It is also recommended to equip the darkened nooks for this bird, they love solitude.

The profitability of geese linda - 100%


The purpose of the content - meat, fluff, liver for pate. The liver of one individual grows to 500 gr. The live weight of the Toulouse goose reaches 12 kg.As a rule, this particular bird is baked with apples for Christmas.

disadvantages: conditions of detention are tough. At least 20 degrees Celsius, no drafts, maintaining humidity. Low egg production and survival rate of offspring.

 Toulouse geese baked with apples for Christmas
Toulouse geese baked with apples for Christmas


The weight of the goose is 6-6.5 kg, for the year the female bears about 30 eggs, of which about 85% will hatch.

Geese are not whimsical in care, have a good appetite and digestion, not emaciated, hardy enough. This bird has a well-developed maternal instinct and excellent chickens emerge from the geese.

 Arzamas geese
Arzamas geese are excellent hens for posterity

Depending on the goal pursued by the farmer, selling meat, collecting eggs or fluff should choose your breed of geese and carefully monitor the content of the population. Hygiene, proper nutrition and taking care of animals will ensure the profitability and pleasant efforts of the geese breeder.

Regardless of the geese, it is important to monitor the maintenance of hygiene in the bird's home. The floor must be dry and warm.

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