Recipes wine from Lydia grapes at home

 Homemade Lidia Wine

It is believed that growing grapes in the garden plot is difficult. This opinion concerns exclusively exquisite varieties, while the Lydia grape is unpretentious and gives a good harvest. Homemade wine from this variety is highly appreciated for its excellent taste. Special skills for the preparation of solar drink is not required. Thanks to the material presented below, it will be easy to do this correctly at home.

The benefits and harms of Lydia grapes

For making wine using different grape varieties: Isabel, Cabernet, Tayfi other. According to the experience of domestic winemakers, Lydia has the necessary qualities for the production of sweet, semi-sweet or fortified homemade wine. The drink will not have exquisite notes, as it turns out with a rather pronounced, sharp smell, which, by the way, has a lot to its liking. The taste of homemade wine is sweet and sour. Why choose this variety for winemaking:

 Wine from Lydia contains many nutrients
Wine from Lydia contains many nutrients
  • grapes have convenient for processing bunches;
  • well preserved during transportation or storage;
  • the grape shell has its own yeast film;
  • does not require stimulants for fermentation;
  • Lydia variety contains about 19% Sahara;
  • natural, tastyalcohol-containing product;
  • pink, dark pink or red wine fortress 10-15 degrees;
  • drinks from this variety are rarely muddy.

Against the background of the useful properties of the grapes causes European winemakers. In many countries, the drink from Lydia is prohibited - this is due to the fact that methanol is formed during the fermentation process. The debates of physicians and scientists on this issue are divided. Some consider it harmful, while others point out the benefits of home nectar.

Features of making grape wine

The maturity of this variety falls in the middle of autumn. You need to harvest when dry, there should be no moisture and dew drops on the berries. To make quality nectar, it is recommended to wait for full maturity, then the berries will be red, juicy and sugary. Immediately before processing, the raw materials for the beverage are sorted out, sorted out the damaged and unripe fruits.

 Berries for making wine is better to collect in the middle of autumn
Berries for making wine is better to collect in the middle of autumn

Since Lydia is not a large and very juicy grape, it is often not robbed with bunches, they are crushed entirely. Due to the bunches of wine will be slightly tart. So that it does not percolate in the fermentation process, it is necessary to sweeten it by adding sugar or honey. Fermentation requires stable temperature. 18-25 С. The fermentation process involves the formation of sediment, but the output of the drink will be transparent. Nectar especially sparkles inside transparent dishes in the light.

Wine containers should be kept in a dark room. The best time to take a sample of wine, six months later. Young grape drink is not recommended to drink - it can harm the body. The settled mixture of these grapes has an original raspberry-strawberry aftertaste.

Home Cooking Recipes

Alcohol containing drinks from homemade grapes at all times in demand. Each winemaker has a different taste of wine - It depends on the place of growing of grapes, recipe and technology. Using the options below, you can make an excellent quality alcoholic product with an excellent finish at home with your own hands.

Classic homemade wine drink

The recipe provides only two main components:

  • grapes - 30 kg;
  • sugar - 9 kg.
 To make the wine aromatic and delicious, it is necessary to sort out each berry from insects, separate green and spoiled berries.
To make the wine aromatic and delicious, it is necessary to sort out each berry from insects, separate green and spoiled berries.

The main ingredients of the classic recipe allow you to prepare a quality drink at home. The recipe can be changed at your discretion, add or reduce the amount of sugar. How much sugar to add?If you add to this amount of raw materials 5 kg of sugar, you get a pink dry wine. To prepare a dessert drink, you must take 11-12 kg of sugar.

Raw materials should be sorted and pressed, the resulting juice put on fermentation. Fermentation time 10-14 days. Then the pulp is drained, the wine product is poured into containers. Add sugar so that the drink is not sour, mix and put in a dark place for at least 2 months. After this time, you can hold a test tasting.

The product will reach full maturity in 5-6 months.

Should I wash berries with water to prepare homemade wine - in this matter opinions differ.Some argue that when washing the bacteria necessary for fermentation, advocates of sanitation of another opinion are destroyed. If the grapes are very dirty - it is better not to tempt fate and rinse with a stream of water.

Dessert wine

To make a dessert drink from Lydia you will need:

  • grapes - 8 kg;
  • sugar - 2 kg.

Crush the raw materials before the juice appears, transfer the resulting mass to the container. Add some sugar and ferment. After 2-3 days, the pulp will rise to the top. It will be necessary to carefully drain the resulting juice. Strain if necessary. Lightly sugar the finished mass, cover with gauze, put on 2-3 day in a warm place. A can of wine is covered with a medical glove or water seal.

 Fermentation of wine under the water seal
Fermentation of wine under the water seal

Every 5 days, the contents of the jar are sweetened and stirred. After the fermentation process is completed, it should be poured into a clean jar. Leave to wander on 1-2 of the month. Strain the finished drink through several layers of cheesecloth. You can taste after 6 months.

From frozen grapes

Few people know that you can make a grape drink yourself, not only from fresh raw materials, but also frozen. It turns out that the basis of the wine may contain a frozen product. You can freeze the fruit yourself or harvest after frost. For cooking will need:

  • frozen raw materials - 5 kg;
  • sugar - 0.5 kg;
  • wine yeast.
 For making ice wine berries need to freeze
For making ice wine berries need to freeze

Due to the fact that at a sub-zero temperature wine fungi die, fermentation is stimulated with the help of yeast. The only disadvantage of this method, the juice turns viscous, will need to wait more time to settle.

Frozen grapes must be removed from the bunches until it melts.

Next, the raw material is crushed, the juice is poured into a container, where wine yeast is added.Their number depends on the recipe of the manufacturer. Place the containers in a warm place as soon as the yeast starts to ferment - pour out the sugar. Usually this process takes 2-3 days. Set the water seal and send in a dark place until the end of fermentation for 40-50 days.

Wine made at home from Lydia is considered by many to be a drink of true gourmets. Thanks to the useful selection and experience of winemakers everyone can cook it, who has the desire. By trial and subsequent tastings, you can prepare an amazing taste of wine.